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We are comprehensive ophthalmologists involved in medical, rgical and optical eye care. The optical needs of our patients are met through a second subsidiary called Teezoptics Nigeria ltd.


Why patients choose our hospital ?

Prof. (Dr) Olufemi .E. Babalola has over twenty years experience as a world class ophthalmic surgeon. performing procedures such including cataracts, glaucoma surgery, squints, plastic eye surgery, corneal surgery and retinal detachment surgery.
He is recognised by the ophthalmological societies accross the world and he is the former President of the Nigeria Ophthalmological society.


Top surgeons with experience operates at the Rachel eye center.


Our optometrists have several methods of eye assessment at their disposal - meaning your test can be tailored to match your exact needs.

Optical Products

There is a vast array of optical products available for your choice. These included frames for children and adults, simple and designer models.

our doctors

Some Available Equipment

Modern equipment and specialists

“Modern equipment that gauges the general health of your eyes and can lead to early identification of other problems such as diabetes or high blood pressure.”

The Autorefractor
Non-Contact Tonometer
Testing Your Focus
The slit lamp and LASER
Disc Photographic Analysis
Computerised visual field test
Optical coherence tomography

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Prof. Olufemi .E. Babalola


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